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Edward R. Szemraj


Edward R. Szemraj worked in the Maryvale School District in Cheektowaga, New York, was involved in the alumni affairs of Canisius College as well as in international activities with Poland and Eastern Europe.

Author's books

The Polonian Legacy of Western New York: Stories of the Lives, Accomplishments, and Contributions of Four Prominent Polish-Americans


Stories of the lives, accomplishments, and contributions of four prominent Polish-Americans: Rev. John Pitass, known as the father of Buffalo’s Polonia; Joseph Eustace Fronczak, a prominent Polonian architect; Mother Mary Simplicita Nehring, considered a model of faith in her time; and Ignacy Jan Paderewski’s enduring friendship with Joseph Eustace Fronczak. Together, these compelling stories paint a vivid picture of Buffalo’s Polonian legacy.