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Allentowners: Tales from Buffalo New York’s Most Colorful Neighborhood

Creative non-fiction blending famous sites of Buffalo with absurd, yet possibly real stories expressed in a journalistic tone and with the addition of a photographers lens.

Meet the Author

Headlines from the ‘hood: odd conversations overheard at Gabriel’s Gate; canine incest discovered on Franklin Street; second dead body found hear Wadsworth; same-sex sex: nice people do it sometimes; fratricide and more, on Day’s Park; peeling clapboard: how to get it fixed for free. All these items and more are dealt with in Allentowners. WIlliam Faught, and Allentown resident since 2005, pays homage to this much loved Buffalo neighborhood by making up stories. And all of them, however strange, could have happened in this–Buffalo’s artiest, most fun-loving historic neighborhood. So read it and see if you agree.

Softcover Only

ISBN: 978-1792312366


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