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The Chickadees and the Moon Above

(5 customer reviews)

Mother Chickadee loves her chicks very much. She knows that they will grow up and one day leave the nest. Her heart’s desire is that they become the best chickadees that they can be and find their place in the world. She tells them that no matter where they go, Chickadee Tree will always also be home. Wherever they roam, when they look up at the moon and think of her, she assures them that she’ll be looking at the same moon and thinking of them, too.


A beautifully illustrated and endearing tale that will capture the hearts of mothers and children of all ages. In addition to delighting young children, The Chickadees and the Moon Above is also perfect for new mothers, empty nesters, and little birdies who are leaving the nest. It promises to become the go-to Mother’s Day and graduation gift, as well a lovely baby shower present and an Easter basket treat.

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40 pages
6.5 x 6.5″
Hardcover Only
ISBN: 978-1-952536-03-8



Meet the Author

" Not yet a mother, Sara A. Simon wrote her first story to pay homage to every mother in her life, especially her own. She imparts the comforting notion that no matter how far away your loved ones may go, all you need to feel connected is to look up at the moon. Now that Sara is a mother herself, she is discovering the profound truth of her own words. She is hopeful that The Chickadees and the Moon Above will touch the hearts of mothers and children of all ages. "

The Chickadees and the Moon Above celebrates the enduring love of a mother for her children. The moon serves as a reminder that mother is always nearby and that her chickadees are always in her heart. This compact, elegant, dust-jacketed hardcover book works well on Valentine’s Day, but it is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and for grads who are leaving the nest to become the best chickadees that they can be.

Dimensions 6.5 × 6.5 in

ISBN: 978-1-952536-03-8
40 pages

5 reviews for The Chickadees and the Moon Above

  1. Nickie Whitney

    Moms/Dads/Grandparents/Teachers/Humans everywhere – if you haven’t ordered this book yet, I encourage you to take a moment to do so. This is a book that needs to be in every daycare and elementary school and in every household with children, no joke. It’s incredibly impactful in supporting separation anxiety (for both kiddos and parents!). Those who truly know my kids know how each uniquely struggles with this. We’ve tried many books over the years (another favorite is The Invisible String if you are really looking build up your library), but their connection with the moon and its meaning in this book is amazing. I deeply mean it when I say it’s phenomenal and will help create confidence in connection even when we can’t be physically together.

  2. Laurie Seier

    Beautiful story for a young child or adult from a mother. After reading it, I could think of many reasons or occasions someone would purchase this book. I will read it to my grandchildren and give it to one of my adult children if they leave the area, graduate and move, etc.

  3. Diane DiStefano

    The Chickadees and the Moon Above reminds the reader of a parent’s love and sacrifice. For parents know if they do their job well, they’ll lose their babies to the world where new dreams will be pursued and realized. Sara Simon does a beautiful job of conveying the ‘forever connection’ of family…regardless of where life’s journey takes them…such a comforting theme.
    Each page of this book is worthy of framing. The illustrations show off Simon’s unique illustration style and talent. I found myself studying and admiring each picture.
    This will be THE book children and parents remember!

  4. Roseann Mohney

    The Chickadees and the Moon above is a wonderful book depicting a Mother’s love for her precious little ones. The reassurances the Momma gives to her littles is so very pertinent in the current state of our world. Children can be reminded that they are forever connected to their family no matter how far away they are when grown and on their own. The author’s’ depiction of the moon above is such an amazing reminder of a comforting way to remember that love and connection.
    The illustrations are amazingly beautiful and have been directly done by the talented author and artist,
    Truly a great read for Moms and the children they love.

  5. Erinn Blaser

    Have you ever read a book that just stayed with you? A book that you measure all other books against and see if they stand up? This is that book. I love children’s books, I grew up on them and read them now to my own children. When I read The Chickadees and The Moon Above to my littles they sat quietly and intently listened to ever word (this doesn’t always happen) and they have continued to ask for this book weekly in our nightly reading rotation. The illustrations are beyond beautiful, so much so you’ll want to pull pages and frame them. I can not recommend this book enough for everyone young or old. It can be enjoyed by anyone!

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