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Our Mission

Read books. Share books. Give books.

City of Light Publishing

City of Light Publishing was founded on the idea that we can all be a light in the world.

Without light, how would we pave our way into the future? How would we see through the darkness to connect with one another?

Here at City of Light, we believe that some of the best ways to be a light are to read books, share books, and give books. We know that people who read have higher emotional intelligence and that elevated empathy fosters understanding of new ideas and unheard-of perspectives—and it drives us to connect with one another.

Be a light by reading. Understand the perspective of a character or learn something new and let it inform how you navigate the world. Then share that knowledge with someone. Teach them what you know—or, better yet, share the books you’ve read. And when you find a story that is perfect for someone, give it to them, wrapped up in the pages of a beautiful book.

Arm yourself with books as your torch. Go. Be a light.


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