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Creating Holiday Traditions

I am starting the Yule Book Flood tradition this week. I have chosen a special book for each of
my family members and friends and I plan to give them on Christmas Eve, just like in Iceland.
By next year perhaps I can turn this into the exchange it is intended to be (and receive a few gift
books myself…).

Single Sentence Novel Anthology

November was NaNoWriMo–that’s National Novel Writing Month. Normally a contest devoted to the creation and completion of a single novel in one month. Ever the over-achiever, City of Light Publishing’s Johnny Payne set out instead to complete 30 novels in one month! Each one consists of a single, singular sentence!

Celebrating Women’s Month

The month of March is dedicated to celebrating women and their many contributions. City of Light has published books by so many woman authors and illustrators that it is a challenge to decide with whom to start the introductions. There are five women authors and illustrators and just one (very remarkable) man among just the four […]

How Can We Best Engage Families?

Judy Bradbury in Education Week, Judy Bradbury (www.judybradbury.com) is a literacy specialist who has taught students from preschool through college. The author of eleven books, Judy’s most recent release, Empowering Families: Practical Ways to Involve Parents in Boosting Literacy (Routledge, 2015), details field-tested afterschool programs that encourage family involvement in bolstering children’s literacy. Judy speaks often at […]

Clear Out the Old, Ring in the New—and Give Back

The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is usually a nice, quiet time to clear out
one year before starting the next. Pay bills, clear off the desk, file, sort, clean out any drawers,
cupboards or closets that did not receive close attention during lockdown. For me, these tasks are
more important than resolutions. They pave the way for a fresh, new year.

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