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CrissCross AppleSauce
Submission Guidelines

CrissCross AppleSauce

CrissCross AppleSauce

For CrissCross AppleSauce, we are interested in books with meaningful, fun and/or educational stories. We love themes that can be understood by little ones but deeply appreciated by adults at the same time.

In order to consider a picture book for publication, we need to receive the following:

  • A full manuscript
  • An author bio and/or resume noting the author’s credentials and previous publication credits (if any)
  • Length of manuscript in words
  • Name(s) of illustrator(s) that the author has worked with or is planning to work with on this project; if there isn’t any, names of illustrators whose art style you see for your book (include links to their online portfolio)
  • The author’s marketing outline, definition of the book’s target audience, a paragraph describing your books unique advantages, and a paragraph discussing the author’s ability and willingness to participate in marketing their book
  • A list of comparable or competing titles (including title, author, ISBN, release date/year and price point) and how your book is similar and different

Please click “Submit My Project” and fill out the form with the information listed above to have your manuscript considered for publication.

Please note that we do not accept hard-copy submissions. We do accept both agented and unagented submissions.

We value each submission we receive, and we want to work with passionate authors. We strive to give each manuscript we receive fair consideration and to get back to each submission in a timely manner. You can expect to hear back from us within three weeks of submission.

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