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María José Campos

María José Campos

"Peruvian illustrator and animation filmmaker María José Campos studied Audiovisual Communication in Perú and Classical Animation at the Vancouver Film School. She has illustrated nearly a dozen children's books; her film Little Goddess has been screened at more than 25 festivals worldwide and her animated projects Camaquen and Chicho and Darz have won national awards. Campos currently lives in Denmark while earning an Erasmus Mundus master's degree in Children's Literature, Media and Culture. "

Illustrator's books

Hello! A Welcoming Story


Meet Habiba, Aleksander, Malee, Elisa, and Dinesh. They have left everything they have ever known and arrived in a classroom in a new country. Meet Grace, Jaylyn, Cameron, Miguel, and Yu. They have never lived anywhere else. Hello! is the journey through the challenges that young refugees must navigate to find a sense of belonging in a new place. Flip it over and this two-books-in one also tells this story through the eyes of the students who receive them in the classroom. In this Welcoming Story, all discover the power of embracing differences. Young refugees have traversed the world, escaped violence, and yet still struggle with the sense of identity forged in the way they dress and the foods they eat. The youngsters in this book encourage each other to be their unique and authentic selves. It is powerful for children to imagine themselves on both sides of this shared experience. It will elicit complex and important conversations with students of any age. Share this diverse book with your children and grandchildren, with your students and their teachers, and with your new neighbors. Experience the joy of feeling accepted and remember the power of Hello!


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