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Patricia Cullen Raine

Patricia Cullen Raine

"Over the past 35 years, Washington, DC area illustrator Patricia Cullen Raine has occasionally taken a recess from the complex, grown-up world of political caricature and visual editorial commentary to create richly-imagined paintings for the infinitely sweeter and simpler world of children. The Alekizou is the delightful result of one of those rare interludes."

Illustrator's books

The Alekizou and His Terrible Library Plot!


The Alekizou is a mischievous creature. Find out what happens when he gobbles up the vowels from all the books in the library. Then help him fix the terrible mess using just your fingers! An inspirational literacy adventure that Dr. Seuss himself would enjoy.

Nancy Turgeon welcomes you to visit her author profile at: Alekizou

nancy turgeon


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