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Donation boxes with clothes on floor indoors

Some people make New Year’s resolutions. I just long for a fresh start each January 1, and never
more so than this year.

The week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day is usually a nice, quiet time to clear out
one year before starting the next. Pay bills, clear off the desk, file, sort, clean out any drcolleges in new jersey Ohio State Team Jersey detroit lions jersey,green bay packers jersey,eagles kelly green jersey,jersey san francisco 49ers Ohio State Team Jersey colleges in new jersey oregon ducks jersey deuce vaughn jersey fsu jersey penn state jersey custom made football jerseys College Football Jerseys colleges in new jersey College Football Jerseys penn state jersey Iowa State Football Uniformsawers,
cupboards or closets that did not receive close attention during lockdown. For me, these tasks are
more important than resolutions. They pave the way for a fresh, new year. 

During this flurry of activity, I inevitably find things I do not need. Some sweaters that I haven’t
worn in years, slacks that (unfortunately) no longer fit, a few pairs of shoes that I just don’t like
anymore. The kitchen cupboards produce duplicate canned goods and too many unopened boxes
of crackers and cereal. I discover hand lotion I have not used, shampoo I didn’t mean to buy,
extra toothbrushes accumulated during visits to the dentist, tiny toiletries from brief hotel stays
(back in the beforetimes). I sometimes even find books that I have read, enjoyed and wish to
share with others…

The obvious next step is to share this excess abundance with those in the community who are
struggling just to get by. There are so many in dire straits in these pandemic days of soaring
unemployment, tenuous benefits and failing businesses.

Packing up a few bags of non-perishable cans and boxes of healthy foods and dropping them off
at the food bank of your choice can extend the season of giving. Donating that extra pair of
gloves, some warm socks, a few bars of soap, a bottle of shampoo, some deodorant, or diapers to
those in need can help the New Year start a wee bit lighter and brighter. The books go into one
of the three Little Free Libraries in my neighborhood!

What are your favorite ways to start the New Year?

May 2021 bring health, peace and clutter-free prosperity for you and yours, enhanced by
generosity and a deep sense of community.

The City of Light Team

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