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City of Light is fighting to survive this pandemic by announcing its biggest promotion yet.

We are hitting a global reset button. A hard reset. 

As the globe has gone dark, our screens have lit up as we attempt to create a virtual version of normalcy.

But we know that this isn’t normal. 

At City of Light, we long for the return of brunch with friends, theater performances, and the feeling of connection with one another just as much as you do. But like you, we know that reverting to our pre-pandemic “normal” is unacceptable. We can—and we must—do better. We must learn from this and offer compassion to one another, the environment, and ourselves. Each and every one of us must be a light. 

We know that it is difficult to ask for light when everyone seems to be battling their own darkness. As a company, we are facing our darkest task yet: surviving.

As an indie publisher, we placed a print order for the books scheduled to release this spring before COVID-19 was identified and long before its devasting impact could be known. Now, with bookstores and libraries minimizing or canceling pre-orders in order to survive themselves, we will have thousands of beautiful books sitting in our warehouse waiting to meet their readers. And no way to pay for them.

After pushing the in-store release dates of our spring titles from March and April to June 20th, and after canceling and rescheduling dozens of in-person release events by our authors, we simply cannot wait to release these fabulous books until bookstores are able to safely reopen. 

City of Light always aims to do well by doing good, and we plan to continue doing so, especially during these challenging times. We must meet lofty sales goals before the end of June, but we know we can count on the citizens of the City of Light to help us survive. We aren’t asking for a handout, however. In fact, we’d like to do something special for those reader who choose to support us.

Book of the Week Series

First, stay tuned for our Book of the Week series. Every week for the next six weeks we will feature a brand new City of Light book. Meet the authors and illustrators through interviews, attend Facebook Live readings, read blog posts on how the book came to be, and more.

Book Giveaways!

For every 50 books which sell online, we will randomly select a purchaser to receive a free copy of a book of their choosing from our catalog. When possible, we’ll even have the author and/or illustrator autograph it! 

We’ll also be randomly selecting orders to receive surprise bonus books in their order! 

Plus, if we reach our weekly goal, we will give away a lovely gift box full of things that perfectly complement our Book of the Week! 

The BIG Giveaway

Finally, if we reach our overall goal by the end of June, we’ll pick one lucky winner to receive a copy of EVERY book in our warehouse.

We’re excited to see where the next six weeks takes us, and we know that you and your fellow loyal readers will continue to be lights in our communities. Thank you all for illuminating our hearts with your continued support. 

Arm yourself with books, go forth, and be a light. 

-Hannah Gordon, Marti Gorman, and the City of Light Publishing Team

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