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Beth Lazzazero Mack

"A Kindness Remembered developed from the need I felt to have more kindness in the world. As a child growing up in the country, I spent my summer vacation sitting in an old maple tree with pen and paper in hand. I wrote stories, usually with animals and nature as the subject. As an adult, my love of the outdoors has turned me into an avid gardener, bird watcher and camper! When I became a mother, writing children's stories became natural because I wanted to teach my boys the value of compassion and lending a hand to those in need."

Beth Lazzazero Mack loves nature and animals. She found herself making up tales to explain the natural world to her children and subtly impart important values, using nature as an entertaining teaching tool. A portrait artist who studied art and design at Buffalo State University, Mack then turned one of these tales into a charming, beautifully illustrated fable. Mack lives in Eden, New York, with her two children.

Author's books

A Kindness Remembered: A Fable 


In this modern fable, a blackbird yearns for more beautiful feathers, but ends up with a broken wing while flying toward the sun in search of beauty. While many pass by the injured bird, a young boy takes him into his home and heals him until the bird is able to fly back to his family. The selfless actions of the boy teach the blackbird—and young readers—important lessons about the power of a single act of kindness.

Twelve Days Of Giftmas – So Much To Choose From


A whole library for your favorite youngster, or match each book with a different kid on your list. All three are spectacular, just released in June 2020, and already winning awards! Willy & Lilly by TV meteorologist Jen Stanonis just won a Moonbeam award, The Alekizou is in the running for a Geisel award, and A Kindness Remembered has been submitted for a Benjamin Franklin award!