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Laszlo Meszaros


Laszlo Meszaros escaped from communist Hungary at the age of sixteen and boarded a ship bound for America in 1956 with just one dollar in his pocket. Today he is an accomplished entrepreneur devoted to guiding and inspiring the youth of both nations through his foundation, the Meszaros International Center for Entrepreneurship (M.I.C.E.), which gives back by nurturing students, helping them discover their unique talents and daring them to take charge of their lives.

Author's books

Legacy of a Refugee: An American-Hungarian Entrepreneur’s Journey to Silicon Valley


Legacy of a Refugee recounts the journey of an extraordinary man who refused to give up. From washing cars and painting houses, he progressed to factory work and lab work. He then learned and worked in various facets of the emerging world of computer technology, leading to several managerial positions. These experiences, combined with his leadership and vision, drove him to fulfill his dream of starting his own company. Meszaros eventually founded an innovative tech company that was acquired by Intel. This story of a self-made man is an inspiration to those who have left or who are considering leaving their birth place behind in search of a better life.