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Ramona Pando Whitacker


Ramona Pando Whitaker moved to Buffalo from California via Egypt, having traveled widely in Manchester, England, to explore industrial archaeology sites created from the huge fortress-like mills and warehouses of the Industrial Revolution. She is an ardent preservationist and a professional editor.

Author's books

Olmsted’s Elmwood: The Rise, Decline and Renewal of Buffalo’s Parkway Neighborhood, A Model for America’s Cities


The fascinating story of the historic Elmwood District is told for the first time, from the arrival on the Niagara Frontier of Joseph Ellicott, through the role played by Frederick Law Olmsted’s parks and parkways, and into the decline and renewal during the modern era. This lushly illustrated book educates and enlightens, telling the stories of the people who gave Elmwood its enduring character, transforming it from dense forest into one of America’s top ten neighborhoods.