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Alexander O. Levy: American Artist, Art Deco Painter

Beautiful collection of artwork by Alexander O. Levy.

Alexander O. Levy was one of the most sought after artists of the early twentieth century. Born in Bonn, Germany in 1881 and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Levy was winning awards for his art at the age of eight. He moved to Buffalo in 1909 to serve as art director for the Mathews-Northrup Company. He quickly took the art world by storm with his illustrations in prestigious publications such as the Saturday Evening Post. His work presaged the advent of the genre that would be known as “art deco.” The Burchfield Penney Levy exhibition was one of “rediscovery and renewal for an artist who should be heralded for the inventive and original perspective he brought to his time, as well as for his work’s lasting virtuosity and beauty.” The oversized, color exhibition catalog is a compendium of beauty.

Paperback Only

ISBN: 978-0989122269


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