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While skipping lessons at the prestigious ballet academy that her mother forced her to enroll in, 11-year-old Elinor Malcolm meets Indira, a mysterious older girl who encourages her to explore her identity and expand her world. A touch of magical realism infuses their encounters and shapes their relationship. Indira’s influence helps Elinor find a path that ultimately is satisfying for both her and her mother. Friendship, family, identity, and the importance of honest communication and being true to oneself are interwoven themes that create a fascinating tapestry and a very compelling story.

ISBN: 978-1-952536-22-9 (softcover only)


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Meet the Author

" Kate McCarroll Moore has a background in education and was the director of curriculum and instruction for a large school district. She currently teaches online writing courses and is a book coach for a non-profit organization that connects low-income families with access to high quality books. The Poet Laureate for the City of San Ramón, California for three terms, Moore’s latest book of poetry, Avians of Mourning, was released in 2020. She has studied with Naomi Shihab Nye, Tess Taylor, Georgia Heard, and other poets, and believes in the power of poetry to transform lives. "

Elinor Malcolm, the 11-year-old protagonist in this coming-of-age story, rebels
after being forced to join a prestigious ballet academy by her domineering mother.

ISBN: 978-1-952536-22-9 (softcover only)

9 reviews for Elinormal

  1. Leigh S, Educator

    Thank you to the publisher for the e-ARC of this book. Elinor’s story is one that I think many children can unfortunately relate to. Her mother’s desire for her to be a prima ballerina neglects one key element – Elinor doesn’t want to dance. Her mother is a bully, using her legal prowess to push around everyone she encounters, and doesn’t stop when she gets to Elinor. I wish the book had gone a little further to show Elinor’s conversation with her mother in the end, but understand all too well that those conversations don’t always provide the happy ending we might want.

  2. NH

    ” Elinormal is a wonderful story of fining oneself
    Reviewed in the United States on November 13, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    As I read Elinormal I kept thinking of my own journey to adulthood. McCarroll-Moore captures the struggle of growing up with humor, grace, and intelligence. Elinormal speaks to all young adults and their parents. You will enjoy Elinor’s journey every step of the way.”

  3. Adam

    Reviewed in the United States on November 14, 2021
    Verified Purchase
    Elinormal is the book that I and my ten year old daughter have been waiting for, and it’s here. This book is a MUST read and my 5th grader says the same times ten! Way to go Kathy and can’t wait for the sequel!”

  4. Aila Malik

    “Elinormal is a coming of age book geared for teenagers/young adults. I read it on the plane recently and was pleasantly surprised about the focus of the book on the mother-daughter relationship (among other topics).
    I found myself wondering how closely related my “work-mom” self was to the character in the book, and it sparked a conversation with my tween daughter about whether I’m meeting her needs…now, she is reading it too. Loved the story and characters AND had a deeper love of the reflection it sparked between me and my daughter. ❤️❤️🙏🏽”

  5. Terry Tringali

    Elinormal brings two distinct characters to life. They unfold in such a charming and creative way, making you want to walk through the park together hoping to learn more. I love the way the Kate truly understands preteens, their angst and inner conflict as well as the magic that can happen in the middle of it all. I especially enjoyed the way poetry has been worked with such finesse into the narrative climaxing at the art faire. Elinormal will enchant its readers and make them want to discuss it right away with a loved one. I can’t wait to share it with my daughter and granddaughter.

  6. Mary D

    As a middle grades teacher, I read many young adult novels and appreciate a new author who speaks to her audience so authentically. The character development is excellent in Elinormal, and I think young readers will see themselves in the mother-daughter relationship and the internal struggle of the title character. I loved Elinor and was drawn into her world and her heart. I felt every anxious moment, and cheered for her journey of growth. I’ll share this book with my students.

  7. Emily

    I loved Elinormal! I read a lot of sci-fi, fantasy, and afrofuturism and this book had just a touch of magic that kept me engaged – it was truly a delightful page-turner. I would recommend this book to people of all ages, Kate McCarroll Moore writes with a clarity and humor that captivates. I was able to picture each character she introduces, and was struck by the ways that she brings each person to life on the page.

    Elinor Malcolm discovers parts of herself in this first book, through connections to the world around her, the people she knows and those she meets, and through identifying things that don’t bring her joy. I’m already excited to see what is in store for her as the story continues!

  8. Susan Dobrodt

    This is a story about a young girl’s struggle to find the courage to be herself and to find a friend. Your heart will ache for Ellinor as she faces her workaholic attorney mother who, though she wants the best for her daughter, is so self absorbed she is completely unaware of Elinor’s true personality and desires. And you’ll cheer Elinor on as she haltingly begins to understand herself and to make friends.

    This story is one for tweens and parents to read together, for a mother daughter book club or one for your middle grader to read on their own. ELINORMAL is less than 200 pages long and written in short chapters, which encourages readers who might be overwhelmed by a longer book. But it’s also a book which will be enjoyed by anyone who reads Elinor’s story.

  9. Mother Daughter Book Club

    Eleven-year-old Elinor Malcolm feels the pressure of living up to her parents’ expectations. Especially those of her mom, a high-profile lawyer in New York City. Enrolled in a ballet school she doesn’t want to attend, Elinor takes to skipping out to avoid the embarrassment of not fitting in. That’s when she meets a girl unlike any she’s ever known.

    Indira is a free spirit who seems to know what Elinor needs when she needs it. She teaches Elinor about meditating to find strength and calmness, and she encourages Elinor to fess up about her deception. But Elinor keeps avoiding the big issues until she can’t any more.

    Elinormal by Kate McCarroll Moore is a story about finding yourself and pursuing what’s important to you as opposed to living someone else’s dream. Elinor avoids trouble by lying, and the more things she lies about the more she has to hide. Eventually, she has to face what she’s trying to avoid and tell her parents what she wants even if it doesn’t match up with what they want for her.

    Elinor is a likeable character, and young readers aged 9 to 13 should enjoy following along as her story unfolds.

    The publisher provided me with a copy of this title in exchange for my honest review.

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