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Supernatural Shakespeare: Magic and Ritual in Merry Old England

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Immerse yourself in Shakespeare’s magical world, filled with supernatural encounters with faeries, ghosts and witches. Frolic with royalty, wander through forests, and experience love layered with enchantment. The Bard’s use of these fantastical phenomena has had a tremendous and enduring influence on authors and audiences for more than four centuries. But what are their origins? Explore the folk beliefs and literary sources that influenced Shakespeare and discover how he assembled his own masterful portraits of these phenomena, giving his plays vibrant life and his characters unforgettable personalities.


Will release in May, 2022


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Softcover, Hardcover

1 review for Supernatural Shakespeare: Magic and Ritual in Merry Old England

  1. Yamini

    The book is an interesting take on the works of Shakespeare. It has categorized various of his plays, dramas and other works into different sections of Witches, Afterlife, Ghosts, Faeries, Enchanted forests, and more.

    After my recent hetric of pretty average reads, happy to find something with a fresh perspective and an unorthodox retelling. The book picks and translates various phrases.

    This book can be a great read for Shakespeare fans who would like to have a quick revisit of different characters. But would I ever reread this? Probably not.

    I would give this a happy 🤗🤗🤗🤗/5 hugs for reminding me of all the Shakespearean memories 💖

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