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October 16

Confessions of a Gentleman Killer Book Launch & Los Feliz World Premiere

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About The Event

October 16, 2020
9:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Don’t miss the virtual Launch of Johnny Payne’s newest blockbuster, Confessions of a Gentleman Killer, followed by a world premiere performance of his new play “Los Feliz” on Zoom on Friday, October 16 at 9:00pm ET | 6:00pm PT.

Confessions of a Gentleman Killer

London, 1843


The papers call me “The Gentleman Killer.” I wrapped the throat of my first victim in a silk scarf. That’s what passes as a gentleman these days.


How do you reconcile a man capable of deep, tender love, a health reformer, assistant to the future British Prime Minister, and the son-in-law of a wealthy industrialist, but who kills in a blood rage? I’m told I have a philosopher’s mind, that I’m ambitious. Yet always there’s a downfall.


I leave judgement to you. My name is Kilcairn, and these are my confessions.

You can buy the Confessions of a Gentleman Killer audio book here and at Libro.FM.

Check out the Confessions of a Gentleman Killer audiobook sample!

City of Light Publishing · Confessions of a Gentleman Killer Sample

Johnny Payne is a novelist, poet, and dramatist.   His novels include The Hard Side of the River, Bedfellows, Silver Dagger, Second Chance, La Muerte de Papi, Vampire Girl, North of Patagonia, Kentuckian.  Books of poetry are Heaven of Ashes, Vassal, Bit-Coin Orgy, and Midnight Sutra.  Other books are a memoir, Confessions of an Also-Ran, and Conquest of the New Word, She-Calf and Other Folk Tales.


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