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Pat Obermeier

"Please vote!"

PAT OBERMEIER is an award-winning creative writer and producer who worked in the world of network TV in New York City for two decades after a two-year stint in the morass of politics at a network in DC. Her career took her into newsrooms at CBS, CNBC, MSNBC, and NY1 and on-location to launch a TV show for Dick Wolf, down to New Zealand for Studios USA and into the studios of networks such as Bravo and IFC. She created titles for Fox comedy shows and repackaged History’s Lost and Found. Along the way she was honored with five Emmys and more than 30 PROMAX and BDA awards. She is known for her out-of-the-box, humorous, off-center approach to projects and the subsequent, almost requisite response of Are you nuts? We can’t say/do/run that! from a few of her less adventurous clients.

Author's books

The President Factor


When Democratic hopeful Senator Adhemar Reyes proposed that all presidential candidates compete on a reality TV show to prove they can handle a crisis, he was kidding—mostly. But he said it on the U.S. Senate Floor, and it was all caught on C-SPAN. The comment sparks a media frenzy. Everyone wants Adhemar on their show. It doesn’t hurt to get your face on TV so that the American public knows your name before you announce your candidacy. Right? Mostly. But when Congress passes a bill that makes the reality show a reality, the senator is thrust into The President Factor. Countless sarcastic jibes, two political crises, and an off-limits love affair. Will the charismatic Hispanic candidate win? Why is one team getting malaria shots? Can Washington politics be even more absurd? Yes to the last question. The rest is inside.