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The President Factor

(8 customer reviews)

When Democratic hopeful Senator Adhemar Reyes proposed that all presidential candidates compete on a reality TV show to prove they can handle a crisis, he was kidding—mostly. But he said it on the U.S. Senate Floor, and it was all caught on C-SPAN. The comment sparks a media frenzy. Everyone wants Adhemar on their show. It doesn’t hurt to get your face on TV so that the American public knows your name before you announce your candidacy. Right? Mostly. But when Congress passes a bill that makes the reality show a reality, the senator is thrust into The President Factor. Countless sarcastic jibes, two political crises, and an off-limits love affair. Will the charismatic Hispanic candidate win? Why is one team getting malaria shots? Can Washington politics be even more absurd? Yes to the last question. The rest is inside.

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8 reviews for The President Factor

  1. Andrew J. Bauer

    Everyone who is fed up with the American political system should read this. The President Factor is a well written, clever and thought provoking political satire.

  2. S. kraatz

    What a ride! Putting presidential candidates’ feet to the fire! Obermeier nailed it. Laugh-out-loud funny mixes with “hmmm…we should do this for real” in The President Factor. Pat Obermeier deftly uses satire/humor to illuminate the reality of electing a president in today’s world of over-saturated and manipulative media experiences. At times, I wondered…how the heck did she come up with that? It’s both a delightful romp and a reminder of how crazy the political world really is. You’ll want this reality show to be real and picked up by NBC. Now if we could just get Congress to back it!

  3. Janette

    A fun and entertaining read with larger than life characters. You don’t have to love politics to enjoy this one, but for those who do, it’s a hoot. Perfect timing on its release with the behind-the-scenes peek into reality shows. The author’s expertise shines in this regard. Can’t wait to hear what the book club has to say….

  4. California Kat

    “The President Factor” is a very entertaining read and is often laugh-out-loud funny. Ms. Obermeier not only satirizes politicians, but also the media and the attention deficit afflicted population who view sound bites as news. This is a cautionary tale: do not accept a 20 second sound bite as truth. Ms. Obermeier has the technical expertise to explain how easy it is to manipulate video and the writing chops to be amusing while she does it. I liked her matter-of-fact writing style, especially the dialog, and all the local color that gives the reader the insider viewpoint. The story flows, even though the premise is outlandish. I hope.

  5. Mary F. Bartley

    “The premise: What if voters got a chance to evaluate the presidential candidates via a reality tv show?

    Candidates posture & plot, while network execs manipulate the audience. Given the state of the current campaign, this story couldn’t be more timely. Almost as funny and unbelievable as the campaigns themselves.”

  6. Good Reader

    A well-written novel. The story major story line (the 2 candidates campaigning via; Reality Show) was hilarious. The sub-plot (what goes on behind the scenes in TV News and reality shows fascinating. The combination is a great read!

  7. avidreader

    Take two ideas : marketing a politician to the public, and reality shows, and mix them together. Result, The President Factor. A funny, satirical, well written look at the insanity that befalls us every four years. Taking the premise of using a Reality show to help us choose a president, the author uses her past experience as a TV Exec to deftly explain the ins and outs of how easy it is to sway the public using the tricks of the trade. I also really enjoyed her use of local NYC color, especially the commentary on restaurants, food, popular culture, and the way she uses an insider New Yorker’s eye to set the mood.

  8. Verified Customer

    A wonderful and very entertaining read. I’m looking forward to seeing the movie.

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