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Judy Bradbury - Author

"Judy Bradbury is an author, award-winning literacy advocate and educator, and host of the popular Children’s Book Corner blog. She is also a Cayuga Island kid. Judy grew up on the island, which is located a few miles upstream from the mighty Niagara Falls. In the summers, she rode the bicycle her father built for her across the island searching for mysteries to solve."

Judy Bradbury is the author of several children’s books as well as professional resources for educators and parents. A literacy specialist who has taught students from preschool through college, Judy’s monthly column for LibrarySparks inspired the creation of the popular Children’s Book Corner blog (www.blog.judybradbury.com) where Judy interviews authors and illustrators and offers suggestions for using their books to connect social-emotional learning to curriculum in Grades Pre-K—8. Judy welcomes the opportunity to visit schools to share her books with students as well as offering one-day or in-depth writing workshops. She presents at conferences and leads professional development nationwide on topics related to English Language Arts and connecting kids and curriculum to great books. Visit her website to learn more. A lifelong advocate for promoting reading through community initiatives, Judy pioneered a New York State-funded summer community reading program and has developed remedial and enrichment reading and writing curricula. She has served as the Educator Event Coordinator of the Western New York Children’s Book Expo since its inception in 2015. Judy is an active member in the New York State Reading Association (NYSRA) and the Niagara Frontier Reading Council (NFRC), for whom she is the Professional Development Chair. She has received awards from both NYSRA and the NFRC for her service in promoting literacy. A first-generation Italian American, Judy is a Cayuga Island Kid with a large and loving extended family. Judy grew up on the island, which is located a few miles upstream from the mighty Niagara Falls. In the summers, she rode the bicycle her father built for her across the island searching for mysteries to solve. Now, she is the mom of a voracious reader with whom she shares books and giggles. Judy also laughs with her husband over the misadventures of their goofy dog and spunky cat. When not at her desk or chasing the dog, Judy enjoys jogging, cycling, traveling, reading, gardening, and showing up at the barre (It keeps her on her toes!) Learn more about Judy and her books and find activities for the Cayuga Island Kids series at www.judybradbury.com/.


Author's books

The Adventure of the Big Fish by the Small Creek, Book Two of the Cayuga Island Kids series

$12.95$17.95 Available September 15, 2021.

It all begins one mid-summer day. First, the Cayuga Island Kids rescue a mallard caught in the plastic rings from six-pack of cans. Litter. Moments later, a girl on a bike carelessly tosses a plastic bottle in the creek. The Cayuga Island Kids successfully retrieve it, but then they notice all the litter in the park. That’s when they decide it’s time for action. But moving from knowing something has to be done to getting it done takes determination, teamwork, and sometimes, looking in a new direction. How the Cayuga Island Kids go from fishing a plastic bottle out of the creek to bringing the community together to build a recycling bin big enough to hold plenty of plastic makes for a lively adventure. Best of all, readers will cheer on the Cayuga Island Kids as they come to realize that although we are each just one person, together we can make a BIG difference.

ISBN: 978-1-952536-17-5 (softcover)

ISBN: 978-1-952536-18-2 (hardcover)


The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts


It’s Fall now and the Cayuga Island Kids are busy with homework, projects, and after school activities. But there’s still plenty of time for mystery and adventure!

In the third book in the Cayuga Island Kids chapter book series, Julian is exploring food science as he experiments with recipes on his quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Being a cookie sampler takes Mac’s mind off his troubles with fractions. Yoko is practicing gestures and facial expressions in anticipation of the school play tryouts. Maya is Ms. Choi’s helper in the after-school Make-and-Take-Club for younger crafters. Lacey is taking care of the little community library that Gram built—and searching for the next mystery to solve.

When two of Ms. Choi’s glitter pens go missing, Maya turns to Lacey for help. The clues and evidence point to a suspect, but are they jumping to conclusions? When a classmate jumps to conclusions and shares false information about Julian’s cookies, the Cayuga Island Kids join forces to set the facts straight. When the kids research explorers for a school project, they uncover misinformation that blurs the truth, and makes the reasons for being a fact detective crystal clear.

As the fall leaves turn color, the Cayuga Island Kids come to realize that sorting through clues and evidence—just like research—means making sure information is factual, and not just a fraction of the truth. Young readers will cheer for the Cayuga Island Kids as they embark on this latest adventure involving faulty assumptions, missing facts, flour bugs, and chocolate chip cookies.

The Mystery of the Barking Branches and the Sunken Ship, Book One of the Cayuga Island Kids series


Available now for pre-sale. Release date: March 15, 2021

What happens when a group of friends sets off on a hunt for a certain kind of tree and uncover a buried cannonball instead? Who knew that the island they live on is also home to a whole lot of history? And, it turns out, a whole lot of mystery, too…

Meet the Cayuga Island Kids! It’s summer vacation, and that means there’s plenty of time for a hunt, a mystery, and an exciting adventure. Are you ready? Open the book and join the fun. Find out what the Cayuga Island Kids are up to in this mystery story based on historical events on Cayuga Island near Niagara Falls!

Story by Judy Bradbury l  Illustrations by Gabriella Vagnoli

130 pages

ISBN: 978-1-952536-14-4 (softcover)

ISBN: 978-1-952536-16-8 (hardcover)

Check out the Cayuga Island Kid’s trailer: