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The Adventure of the Big Fish by the Small Creek, Book Two of the Cayuga Island Kids series

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It all begins one mid-summer day. First, the Cayuga Island Kids rescue a mallard caught in the plastic rings from six-pack of cans. Litter. Moments later, a girl on a bike carelessly tosses a plastic bottle in the creek. The Cayuga Island Kids successfully retrieve it, but then they notice all the litter in the park. That’s when they decide it’s time for action. But moving from knowing something has to be done to getting it done takes determination, teamwork, and sometimes, looking in a new direction. How the Cayuga Island Kids go from fishing a plastic bottle out of the creek to bringing the community together to build a recycling bin big enough to hold plenty of plastic makes for a lively adventure. Best of all, readers will cheer on the Cayuga Island Kids as they come to realize that although we are each just one person, together we can make a BIG difference.


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Meet the Author

" Judy Bradbury is an author, award-winning literacy advocate and educator, and host of the popular Children’s Book Corner blog. She is also a Cayuga Island kid. Judy grew up on the island, which is located a few miles upstream from the mighty Niagara Falls. In the summers, she rode the bicycle her father built for her across the island searching for mysteries to solve. "

Meet the Illustrator

" I was born in Pisa, Italy, from a Brazilian mom and an Italian dad. With my heart already divided between two countries, I decided to add a third by falling in love with an American man and moving to the United States to be with him. I am now raising two beautiful multicultural boys that think, like me, that the world is after all a very small place. "

Captain Planet meets the Boxcar Children in Book 2 of the Cayuga Island Kids series. The diverse Cayuga Island Kids have a blast recycling, brainstorming ideas, being a team, making new friends and making a difference in the community. Important lessons are slipped into this adventure like shredded carrots in spaghetti sauce.

ISBN: 978-1-952536-17-5 (softcover)

ISBN: 978-1-952536-18-2 (hardcover)




Hardcover, Softcover

1 review for The Adventure of the Big Fish by the Small Creek, Book Two of the Cayuga Island Kids series

  1. Children’s Literature

    Lacey, Mac, Julian, Maya, and Yoko (the Cayuga Island Kids) return with their next summer adventure on the island. While at the park, the group save a duck that was tangled in plastic.As the children look around the park, they are disturbed by the litter that they find along the creek. Together, the kids use their talents and begin to work on a community plan to make a change. Author Bradbury shares how she came up with the idea for this story. She mentions how a photo that she took in Portugal grew to be a part of this adventure. There are some gray scale illustrations in this chapter book. At the beginning of the book, there’s a chart of the characters and a map of Cayuga Island. Teachers may find the author’s notes to be helpful to inspire students to use their own experiences in writing stories. Children (who love adventure and stories where kids actively solve problems) will find this book to be satisfying. This title is the second one in the Cayuga Island Kids series.

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