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The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts, Book Three of the Cayuga Island Kids series

(5 customer reviews)

It’s Fall now and the Cayuga Island Kids are busy with homework, projects, and after school activities. But there’s still plenty of time for mystery and adventure!

In the third book in the Cayuga Island Kids chapter book series, Julian is exploring food science as he experiments with recipes on his quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Being a cookie sampler takes Mac’s mind off his troubles with fractions. Yoko is practicing gestures and facial expressions in anticipation of the school play tryouts. Maya is Ms. Choi’s helper in the after-school Make-and-Take-Club for younger crafters. Lacey is taking care of the little community library that Gram built—and searching for the next mystery to solve.

When two of Ms. Choi’s glitter pens go missing, Maya turns to Lacey for help. The clues and evidence point to a suspect, but are they jumping to conclusions? When a classmate jumps to conclusions and shares false information about Julian’s cookies, the Cayuga Island Kids join forces to set the facts straight. When the kids research explorers for a school project, they uncover misinformation that blurs the truth, and makes the reasons for being a fact detective crystal clear.

As the fall leaves turn color, the Cayuga Island Kids come to realize that sorting through clues and evidence—just like research—means making sure information is factual, and not just a fraction of the truth. Young readers will cheer for the Cayuga Island Kids as they embark on this latest adventure involving faulty assumptions, missing facts, flour bugs, and chocolate chip cookies.

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Meet the Author

" Judy Bradbury is an author, award-winning literacy advocate and educator, and host of the popular Children’s Book Corner blog. She is also a Cayuga Island kid. Judy grew up on the island, which is located a few miles upstream from the mighty Niagara Falls. In the summers, she rode the bicycle her father built for her across the island searching for mysteries to solve. "

Meet the Illustrator

" I was born in Pisa, Italy, from a Brazilian mom and an Italian dad. With my heart already divided between two countries, I decided to add a third by falling in love with an American man and moving to the United States to be with him. I am now raising two beautiful multicultural boys that think, like me, that the world is after all a very small place. "

Hardcover, Softcover

5 reviews for The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts, Book Three of the Cayuga Island Kids series

  1. Leslie Connor

    The Cayuga Island Kids deliver again! I love the newest title in this smart series for its cozy mystery, convivial characters, and warm sense of community. Bonus: It is chock full of fun facts (and even a recipe!) woven into a story centered on the importance of gathering all the facts before drawing conclusions, an insight young readers will naturally tuck into their own life kits. Outstanding!

  2. James Preller

    Any book that begins with a map of an island is my kind of story. Enliven that setting with a diverse group of characters who are consistently kind—and bursting with curiosity—and you’ve got all the elements of a series that is alive with adventure, friendship, and mystery.

  3. Pamela Brunskill

    To solve a mystery surrounding missing gel pens, young readers engage with the concepts of misinformation, disinformation and jumping to conclusions. This is a delightful read for 7-10 year-olds, with age-appropriate word choice and just the right amount of description. The Cayuga Island Kids—and readers—learn that once information is out, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to rein in. I recommend The Case of the Messy Message and the Missing Facts to young mystery enthusiasts who will learn about news literacy through the cast of diverse,
    well-developed characters.

  4. Jack Agugliaro (verified owner)

    I have become a fan of this engaging group of kids! One focus of Judy Bradbury’s third book is the verification of facts. I believe children need to see the difference between misinformation and disinformation. They also need to learn to verify information to determine if it is true. Bradbury takes us through definition and example in a way that can be incorporated quite well in the classroom while students address science, opinion and what seems to be a cultural acceptance of lies in our world. Youngsters need to be trained not to accept everything they read and hear without some supporting substance. The characters and story are engaging as well as instructive.

  5. Alice Hawkes

    The characters in this book are all incredible. The care and love these kids show is perfect.
    Julien always having an extra cookie on him because ‘you never know who needs a cookie’?? Adorable!
    I would love all the kids in my life to read these stories just to have these characters are role models for respect.

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