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It’s a Wing Thing – Buffalo Style!


By Diana Notto


This easy-to-use cookbook contains 125 chicken wing-inspired foods, including chicken wing enchiladas, chicken wing lasagna, chicken wing egg rolls and more. It even offers more than two dozen dessert recipes. All of the recipes capture the flavor of wings but not a single recipe actually uses chicken wings. The two main ingredients are chicken breast and chicken wing sauce. These quick and easy recipe ideas are great for sharing with family and friends, especially when cheering on your favorite sports team. Send a little love from Buffalo.


ISBN 978-0979347214

Nickel City Chef: Buffalo’s Finest Chefs & Ingredients Book & DVD


Nickel City Chef is unique to Buffalo. No other city hosts a culinary challenge featuring local chefs and local ingredients before a live audience. Chef profiles, local ingredient resources and stunning photographs showcase the best of Western New York. Best of all, the book includes 32 recipes, two from each of the 16 challenges featured, using locally sourced ingredients from shiitake mushrooms to pasture-raised heritage pork. This book is so beautiful you’ll want two copies – one for the kitchen table and another for your coffee table.


Saint Joseph’s Day Table Cookbook


The only cookbook dedicated to Saint Joseph’s Day – the table, the recipes, the symbols, the traditions. Celebrated for many generations, this lovely feast is in danger of extinction. Chef Mary Ann Giordano has gathered nearly 100 of the best Saint Joseph day table recipes, many from her own family’s treasure trove, and added fascinating Saint Joseph’s day lore and traditions. The result is a beautifully illustrated, unique book that celebrates a tradition that deserves to be preserved and cherished. Easy-to-follow recipes for favorites like sfinge, pasta con sarde, and carduni fritti, as well as a menu and a planning guide. Add your family favorites to the Giordano traditions, and keep this celebration alive for generations to come. Or simply enjoy preparing these luscious Sicilian dishes year-round!